DOTS is a strategy used to reduce the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases. Directly observed therapy (DOT) is used to ensure the person receives and takes all medications as prescribed and to monitor response to treatment. Left alone, many people with tuberculosis fail to take all their medication and contribute to the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis.Now on its eleventh day, the Bohol PHO’s Provincial NTP CORE Team headed by its provincial program coordinator Ms. Polizena Rances, alternate program coordinator Ms. Angelita Maleriado, medical technologist program coordinator Ms. Crisanta Estomago, and DOH assistant nurse Ms. Elma Lumanas, continue to visit all public and private DOTS facilities in the province in order to assess and evaluate its program implementation according to the Department of Health standard.”Sa PHO Una Ang Serbisyo”#BuhatAngPasultion

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