December 16, 2021 the Province Bohol was hit by a strong typhoon Odette and leave a great distraction to the people of Bohol. Electricity, agriculture, infrastructure , water and most of the basic needs of the province were greatly affected and people suffered the after math of Odette. As we see the sufferings  of the most affected Boholanos physically, relief operations were provided .Also, Mental Health Pyschosocial Support (MHPSS) and Psychological First Aide was conducted to relived them from the traumatic experience caused by the said typhoon.


MHPSS and PFA was composed of the teams spearheaded by PHO MHPSS Team, LAUM and some volunteers from UB and HNU school of pschology and BISU guidance counsellors and Diocesan Commission on Youth (DCY). The Team scheduled Municipalities who are greatly affected by the typhoon as the priority.

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